The 7 THINGS You CAN DO!! (pick 1, a few or all)

1).  Spread the Powerful & Loving Story of the Lock’s of Love organization’s efforts & mission.

2).  SHARE YOUR STORY  with us & the world.

3).  FOCUS EVERYDAY on Love not Hate, Abundance not Scarcity, Good News not Bad News, Your Strengths not Your Fears, Smiling not Frowning and Do 1 Simple Act of Kindness each day.

4).  Choose someone (or many) to HONOR and Grow, Cut & Donate your hair and give it to Lock’s of Love.

5).  Students – gather 10, 50, 100, 250, 500+ of your friends, classmates & schoolmates and collectively Grow your hair for 2 years, then do a mass Cut & Donate to Locks of Love.  Can You Imagine How Powerful, Amazing & Mind-Blowing That Would Be!!

6).  Like us on Facebook, visit & contribute to our Website and share both our Facebook page & Website with your family, friends and community.

7).  LIVE FULLY EACH DAY …. and always “Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Those You Love & Take Care of Those You Do Not Know”.

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